Denim Days Dip Dye Station

Denim Days Dip Dye Station


Curious Corners is hosting a pop-up Dip Dye Station of Yamato Indigo during Denim Days on Saturday September 30 and Sunday October 1 at Metropolitan Pavilion (125 W 18th St, bet 6th & 7th Aves, NYC). 

Bring your own cotton, linen or silk items and dip them into Yamato Indigo vat! 

Caps, beanies: $18
Eco bag: $18
Bandanas, Scarves: $18
T-shirts and short-sleeve shirts: $25
Long sleeve shirts: $33
Canvas tote: $33

Additional charge may be applied to items made of thick material. 

To secure your spot, please make reservation by purchasing tickets for $18. The difference of your final price will be charged at the booth.

Tickets are non-refundable and only be transferred to future workshops by Curious Corners. 

You may pick "light" or  "medium" for your color. (Apologize in advance, it cannot be dark!) 

Only cotton, linen or silk can be dyed at the booth. No synthetic or wool material. Only small material (up to a long sleeve shirts) can be dyed at the booth. No large items such as jeans or jackets can be dyed but we can accept them at the booth, dye them in the studio and send them back to you in 2 to 3 weeks.