Yamato Indigo Workshop
Yamato Indigo Workshop
Yamato Indigo Workshop
Yamato Indigo Workshop

Yamato Indigo Workshop


Bring your favorite cotton garments and learn how to dye with Yamato Indigo, natural-blend indigo from Japan. 

In this class, each person gets to dye up to 500g (approx. two long sleeve shirts) and learn how to make basic shibori patterns. Cotton, linen or silk only (No wool*). Any synthetic part such as threads, bottoms will not be dyed. Feel free to bring extra options and discuss with the dyer to pick what's best to dye with Yamato Indigo.

Each garment is limited to 2 dips, which makes the garment in mid-blue. If you wish to make it darker blue, a follow-up session will be available for $60, or you may purchase Yamato Indigo Dye to do it at home. 

*Any brand-new items must be soaked in hot water and dried before the class. 
*Any canvas items must be boiled in water and dried before the class. 
*If you are interested in dyeing wool, please inquire for a private workshops by emailing at info@curiouscorners.com. 

Duration: 2 to 3 hours

Limited to 6 seats per class

Better Than Jam
20 Grattan St. (bet. Morgan & Bogard Sts). 
Brooklyn, NY 
1 min walk from Morgan Ave. Stop on L-Train 

-- Please read before the class --
This workshop is recommended for all levels. No previous dyeing experience is necessary. All materials and tools are included in the class. Please show up by five minutes before the class and wear something you can get dirty on. 

-- Private Class Option --
This workshop is available as a private session with minimum 2 seats ($160). Please select "Private" option from "Date" section and email to info@curiouscorners.com to coordinate date. 

-- Gift Certificate Option --
If you wish to gift this workshop session as a gift, please make purchase, email your name and attendee's name to info@curiouscorners.com.

-- Yamato Indigo & Dye Service --
In case you cannot make it to workshops, you may purchase Yamato Indigo and dye by yourselfEasy to use, Yamato Indigo only needs water; no heating, fermentation or additional agent is necessary. It dyes natural materials, such as cotton, linen, silk, leather, wood, and washi paper, into a vibrant, beautiful indigo blue.

We also provide garment dye service. Please check here for details and inquire by emailing to info@curiouscorners.com.